About Us

Our Journey

Over ten years ago, Sylvie Rozon recognized that buyers seek originality and authenticity in style and design, the highest quality workmanship, and need a more attentive provider when embarking on a home construction or renovation project. This was essentially lacking in the building industry at the time, and still is a rare find today.

After investing years as a contract designer and entrepreneur, she proudly created Habitation Harmonie and turned her focus to her real passion since…..offering and providing buyers with a choice of a more personalized and attentive home design and building service. This is a choice which is fundamentally based on the philosophy of a partnership, as opposed to one of a service provider/purchaser.

‘’Since then, our goal at Habitation Harmonie has never faltered. Creativity, Craftsmanship, and Superior Service are still our main focus.’’

Details Make All the Difference….

Habitation Harmonie understands that undivided attention to detail is fundamental to the end result. We also appreciate that buyers are like the homes we build…uniquely different. We begin with concepts and designs that will reflect you and your lifestyle. We guide you through all the choices of materials, which will ultimately define the style that best respects your vision. Also, in sharing our design expertise, we will not hesitate to suggest just the right detailing, which will distinguish your home from average to superior. From the positioning of the home, which warrants absolute curb appeal, the preplanned lighting scheme creating ambiance and functionality, and the choice of the particular architectural details are just a few of many aspects that need to be defined with care and a trained eye. We will help you with this and more, consistently throughout the project.

Quality Relationships With Quality Trades People and Suppliers…

Early on, we realised that it is of utmost importance to invest time and energy in building relationships with people who share our convictions. Dependability, professionalism, vision and discrimination was, and still is, a prerequisite to ensure the philosophy of Habitation Harmonie. We have established partnerships with trades people whose workmanship is surpassed only by their dedication to their work. Our partnerships with reliable and innovative suppliers have further allowed us to remain competitively priced without sacrificing quality.

Allow Us the Privilege to Design and Build Your Dream Home…

Whether you choose to build on a lot in Saint -Lazare, on your own piece of land in another community or simply dream of a make-over for your existing home, we can help you. We will ensure your expectations are not only met, but surpassed, always with consideration of your personal budget.